Industry-Specialized Database

Since 1990, soon after the company was founded, we have been specializing in the development and operation of an industry database for the out-of-home market and the food industry. Since then, we have also been continuously expanding and optimizing our database. We systematically research, classify and validate address data worldwide, enrich it with valuable additional data and update it constantly. The result: high-quality, up-to-date company addresses, enriched with contact persons, contact data and additional attributes from 80 economically strong or lucrative countries and territories. Target group-specific address data provides the very foundation for each of your marketing campaigns and postal advertising mailings as well as for successful contacts in personal sales. With our industry expertise and specialization we lay the groundwork for you to make the most out of your market potential.

Fine Selection

Filter your target group according to relevant criteria.
Accurate dialogue marketing!
Yearly Turnover
Number of Employees
Hotel Industry Stars
Number of Beds
Number of Seats
Restaurant Category
Type of Enterprise

Additional Data

Add valuable attributes to the selected addresses. More information - more potential.

Quality Guarantee

Company addresses are subject to whopping rates of change: New openings, closures, takeovers, reorganizations, relocations and ongoing staff changes cause returns, i.e. undeliverable advertising mailings. This applies in particular to the very volatile sectors of the hotel, catering and food industries. Our specialization allows us a high update frequency: We carry out regular checks of deliverability, systematic comparisons against reference files as well as extensive research and updates. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of returns and to grant a generous reimbursement: For each return from the first usage of the addresses delivered by us – which you send us within 90 days as an Excel or CSV file with a postal note stating the reason for undeliverability – we will refund you 60 cents plus VAT. We refund 30 cents for physical or scanned returns. This is quality guarantee with value!