Our address prices vary by country. Select a country here or carry out your count and price calculation directly with our online selection tool.
Single Usage
€ 0,20
per address
The single usage license is valid for a one-time postal advertising mailing (direct mailing or catalog mailing).
Annual Usage
€ 0,35
per address
With the annual usage license you can use our data as often as you like for your own direct advertising purposes for 12 months.
Permanent Usage
€ 0,50
per address
By obtaining a permanent usage license you acquire the rights to use the data permanently for as often as you wish for your own direct advertising purposes.

Filters and additional data

• Filter by company size, positioning, theme/facilities, type of business
• Additional criterion as a separate data field
• Contact person (first-level management)
• Phone number (without opt-in)

€ 0,07
per filter hit and additional data
(Single Usage)
€ 0,10
per filter hit and additional data
(Annual Usage)
€ 0,14
per filter hit and additional data
(Permanent Usage)

Order processing fee

For data selection and digital delivery of our addresses we charge an additional processing flat rate of

€ 395,-
per country

Included additional services

• Delivery (data transmission) within 1-6 working days (for data from 1 country) or an additional 1-5 working days (for data from each additional country) resp., depending on urgency and workload
• Geographical selection according to your preference (within a country based on official territorial divisions)
• Job title / additional line according to your preference (e.g. "Attn: Management" or "Purchasing Management")
• Sorting according to your preference (standard sorting: postal code, city, suburb, street name, house number, company name, each in ascending order)
• Duplicate-adjusted, overlap-free delivery


All prices are in Euro plus VAT and are valid until 12-31-2019. The prices are only valid for address data of the industries and countries published on this website (Gastro & Food Contact addresses). The prices for address data from other industries and countries (data from our partner network) are calculated individually. We exclusively serve commercial customers and no consumers according to §13 BGB (German Civil Code). The delivery quantity may vary due to ongoing updates and order-related duplicate matchings. Overlaps between sectors, business types and target groups have not yet been taken into account in the respective individual quantities. In case of matchings against the customer's own or third party address lists, the net quantity is settled according to the EDP matching protocol. The minimum billing quota is 70% of the delivery quantity, but at least 2,500 pcs; if smaller, the delivery quantity is billed.

Quality Guarantee

Company addresses are subject to whopping rates of change: New openings, closures, takeovers, reorganizations, relocations and ongoing staff changes cause returns, i.e. undeliverable advertising mailings. This applies in particular to the very volatile sectors of the hotel, catering and food industries. Our specialization allows us a high update frequency: We carry out regular checks of deliverability, systematic comparisons against reference files as well as extensive research and updates. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of returns and to grant a generous reimbursement: For each return from the first usage of the addresses delivered by us – which you send us within 90 days as an Excel or CSV file with a postal note stating the reason for undeliverability – we will refund you 60 cents plus VAT. We refund 30 cents for physical or scanned returns. This is quality guarantee with value!